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The orig­i­nal, clas­sic “The Wild Wild West” tele­vi­sion series aired on CBS from 1965 — 1969 and starred Robert Con­rad as West and Ross Mar­tin as Gordon. Sold to the stu­dio as “James Bond in the Amer­i­can west”, the show became rec­og­nized as “the advent of Amer­i­can “Steam­punk” — or the use of advanced “gad­gets” and tech­nol­ogy using only the sci­ence avail­able to the Vic­to­rian man. (The “steam­punk” con­cept was orig­i­nally cre­ated by Jules Verne.) “The Wild Wild West” com­bines espi­onage with the west­ern and throws in the sci­ence fic­tion of Jules Verne’s fan­tasy world in a delight­ful extravaganza.

West & GordonFol­low­ing the adven­tures of two secret ser­vice men in the advent of the United States Secret Ser­vice in the early Vic­to­rian era (1870’s), Mar­tin once joked that the show was “about Gor­don and a stunt man.” The joke couldn’t be more true! As “Arte­mus Gor­don” invented gad­gets and researched, “Jim West” fought his way to the finale — usu­ally into the arms of a cou­ple lovely ladies in this long-running “buddy action adven­ture”. A truly clas­sic Western-spy-science fiction-action adven­ture, “The Wild Wild West” had dash­ing heroes, beau­ti­ful damsels in dis­tress, dia­bol­i­cal vil­lains with mad plots (often the damsels in dis­tress!), and a sense of whimsy about the show itself.

Caw­ley Enter­tain­ment Com­pany will be faith­fully recre­at­ing this tele­vi­sion series after years of — and con­tin­ued — exhaus­tive research and devel­op­ment. Exact replica cos­tumes copied from the orig­i­nals, authen­tic set draw­ings and use of the orig­i­nal “Wan­derer” train are all things folks can look for­ward to see­ing in the future!

**NOTE: “Back to the Wild Wild West” is a pro­duc­tion of Caw­ley Enter­tain­ment Com­pany soley and, as such, is not con­nected to nor asso­ci­ated with “Star Trek: New Voy­ages”, “Star Trek: Phase II” or Retro Film Stu­dios, LLC.**

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